Our educational initiatives were created to improve the overall systems in the village of Buena Vista, one student at a time.  Our hope is to point each student to Jesus as we meet their need for education.  The onsite programs at DeepStream consist of...



We are moving into the Sixth year of our  "pre-school" program and are very pleased with the results thus far.  We have 22 children from age 5-6 years who are attending this initiative.  It is providing us with another opportunity to serve these families and their children and we believe that educationally, a great foundation is being laid.  This program feeds into our private primary school.



This year at CEDS we will have first through fourth grades in our primary school program.  We are so excited as this vision expands each year.  The progress we are seeing in these 20 little lives, is going to set them up for very bright futures!  The plan is to continue adding grades each year until we are fully offering 1st-6th grades.

Middle and HighSchool -  ADVANCED LEARNING

Our onsite private school is known as Colegio centro educativo deepstream (CEDS)  It has been so wonderful to offer a higher level of education to the village of Buena Vista.  Each of  the students have qualified based on test scores and our personal experiences watching these young men and women study and take their futures seriously.


CEDS is a sponsor based program. Books, supplies, tuition (pays for technology support, teacher’s salaries, legal documents) are all part of the sponsorship costs.  This year we have If you are interested, please contact Mark Schmidt at deepstreamglobal@gmail.com



We are moving into our 8th year of hosting the Basico (middle school) Program in our building.  This program is Buena Vista's public school and we have the privilege to help steer and offer assistance where possible.  We currently have around 55 students studying in 7th thru 9th grades.


We are happy to continue collaborating with Guatemala's ministry of education in providing a home and resources for better education.