The Schmidt Family family moved to Guatemala in 2009 and began serving the people of Buena Vista.  Through our experiences with friends and families in this village, our eyes were opened to the many cycles of poverty that exist.  The education and health systems here are ones that are broken, giving little hope of change and a better future.  As we've interacted with the kids of BV, we see hope in their eyes and dreams of having a better life. 


Our involvement in BV birthed the vision for an educational center, Centro Educativo DeepStream (CEDS), which currently works within the daily routines of the public middle school, a private advanced study program (CABSchool) for additional students in BV (grades 1st-12th), preschool program, medical clinic and other health initiatives.


Our family's vision is to train the future men and women who will lead Buena Vista - spiritually, mentally and physically.


We currently have 4 of our 7 children (Corinne, Isaac, Bryn and Eli) living back in the USA, while Mark, Gina, Cruz Nicolas and Lucas live and work daily in Buena Vista, ministering as a family.


Our ministry is 100% faith based and our family is able to live here due to the generosity of different partners.  If you would like to be a part of our families support team, please email Mark directly at deepstreamglobal@gmail.com for info.


What is DeepStream?


DeepStream was molded out of a passion for the family to be a healthy unit seeking and following God’s purpose of loving Him above all else and loving our neighbors. Simply put- “Love All…Worship One.”  Since 2003, we’ve tried to live out this mindset, this way of life in and through every avenue possible - our family, our relationships, our work, our ministry, and encouraged others to do the same.




Going back thousands of years, the rally cry of God’s people was - “The Lord our God, the Lord is one!  You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength…” – Deut 6:4-5.  It was known as the SHEMA and was a creed worth living for, worth teaching to the family, and even one worth dying for.  At the core of DeepStream is a heart to live out this creed and to BE deeply and passionately connected to God (WORSHIP ONE).  Busyness, fragmented families, a lack of focus and understanding our purpose- each of these affect our ability to truly know God and walk with Him.  We believe that on this foundation of “Loving God above all else”, a person can begin to build a healthy life individually, then as a family, and from there can begin to change the communities where they live.

When Jesus was asked by the religious leaders which commandment was the most important, He directed them to their Israelite creed, the SHEMA (mentioned above) and then took it a step farther and said, the second greatest is like the first… “You shall love your neighbor as yourself…”  Mark 12:28-31 -(LOVE ALL)  So from the mouth of Jesus came the heart of what we seek to live out and model – “LOVE ALL… WORSHIP ONE.” 

As God began to speak this way of living into our family we were faced with a decision- keep following the busy mainstream of life, pulling us in different directions and not really accomplishing much eternally or begin to fully embrace what God was saying and go against the mainstream- following His Stream solely where and how He would lead us everyday,  We chose to pursue the latter.  As we did, God made it clear to us how the simple “Love All… Worship One” teaching could be played out in our busy 21st Century lives.


LIVE SIMPLY – (Acts 2:42-47) – As families we must slow down and simplify our schedules and routines so that we can begin to find time for a true pursuit of God, personally and as a unit.  Today’s families are too busy, fragmented and struggling to live out an eternal purpose.  Most families live day-to- day, surviving through routines that pull the members apart, rather than drawing them together.  Slowing down will make time not only for a pursuit of God, but from that connection each person can begin to pursue each other, relationships within the home and then within the community and outside the home. Simplifying our pursuit of possessions and success clears the way for freedom to physically and emotionally follow Him. Through a simplified life we are able to live in true connection with God and with others minimally undistracted by the pulls of accomplishing more, getting more, doing more, and focusing on building less for ourselves and more for His Kingdom.


LIVE IN COMMUNITY (Acts 2:42-27) – As we grow closer to God and then to others, doing life with others is the natural result.  In Acts 2, the early church shared life together on all levels, whether it was praying, studying, eating together or sharing resources.  They were a larger family. From a deep connection with God, each member of a healthy community strives to be honest, real, caring, and of a servant mindset. One must be determined to grow in Christ by walking through personal struggles, knowing trust, love, acceptance and joy flow out of this growth. This life breathing community is a key to represent Christ.  It makes people hungry for more of Him.  We believe firmly that as followers of Jesus, WE ARE THE CHURCH, and we are called to be unified, journey together, experience ups and downs together, and grow together.  Whether you attend a small group, big group, have a home gathering or your own gathering as a family, it is important to be journeying and seeking together.


LIVE BY FAITH (Hebrews 11:6) -As we live simply and grow in community with others, a final part of truly loving God and others is to truly trust that God is who He says He is, and that He will do what He says He will do.  We must return to a true trust and faith in God and to a willingness to do whatever it is that He asks of us.  There were many teachings in the Bible, which directed us to passionately live out our faith, one of which is Hebrews 11.  This chapter is full of stories, the heroes of the faith, as they are called.  We believe that God hasn’t changed, but rather we have, and most people today choose to live “safe, secure and planned” lives.  Walking in faith is leting go of the details and seeking past the facts as we walk- step- by step- after the ways He says.  It’s transferring the trust we have in our finances, our parenting, our future, our plans completely into the hands of God and being willing to have Him shift- sometimes majorly- our directed course.  Living by faith allows God’s Hand to be felt in the daily part of life, leading in every decision.


In closing, DeepStream is not an organization that has membership, or desires to fill your schedule with programs or obligations. Rather, it is our prayer that the impact of the Stream will encourage you to embrace life, slow down your pace, keep your family focused on living in community with others, while unashamedly and wrecklessly living by faith,  loving God and people.  Through this way of life your family, your neighbors, and those you work, play and live with every day will have the opportunity to sense your peace and your passions and in return you will fall in love with God as you witness His Power, Faithfulness, Grace and Love.
May all the days of DeepStream and all the people involved bring Glory to God with our actions, attitudes and relationships.
Love All...Worship One as you Walk by Faith not by Sight
D e e p S t r e a m