DeepStream's vision includes...


Family ministering to family in order to bring healing, hope and unity.


Advocating for the poor, forgotten, weak and lost - to usher in God's Redemptive Story in their lives.


Standing firm on God's Truths and against cultural teachings in contrast with these Truths.


Taking the Gospel of Grace in our hearts and sharing it with whomever we interact.



Our vision is carried out in the village of Buena Vista as we daily seek to live on mission in the following ways...


Spiritually - walking alongside our neighbors, speaking and living the Truth, in order to lead them into a closer walk with Jesus Christ.


Physically - providing spaces and resources where education and health can be taught and modeled to our community.


Mentally - challenging our community to have a healthier mindset towards education, health, hygiene and the family unit.


Socially - to break the unacceptable social norms that exist in Buena Vista through spiritual, physical and mental health.


We trust God to work in us as we partner with our Guatemalan friends and team,  to break the unhealthy cycles of poverty in our beautiful village.