Dr. Pablo Galindo
Dr. Pablo Galindo


One of our initiatives on the ground in Buena Vista, is a regular medical clinic which is housed inside of DeepStream's educational center.  We are happy to Dr. Pablo Galindo on our staff, working to bring hope in the form of medical attention.  Dr. Galindo together with our staff nurse, Elida, make sure that each week we are prepared to treat the 20-30 patients who arrive, looking for a loving touch and healing.  If you would like to help the medical clinic with it's monthly needs, contact Mark Schmidt through the contact link.






One of our favorite days of the month on site at EDBV for sure is check-up day. For over 8 years we’ve been trying to consistently provide nourishment through vitamins, milk, oatmeal, breakfast drinks, (soy, protein, corn).  Different fruits such as oranges, pineapples, bananas have been part of their donated items.  We’ve had each patient and their mother’s blood tested investigating any internal reason for lack of weight gain and to determine if there is hereditary issues, disease or anemia. We focus on good hygiene education as well.  Toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, deodorant, have been dispensed and instructions on how to use them properly. This year the families are receiving items such as Apple Cider Vinegar explaining the importance of disinfecting the pesticides from their fruits and vegetables.  Higher grade oils frequently are part of their monthly products since they fry daily and use oils in everything.  With our new farming initiative right here on site, the families will receive a mix of carrots, lettuce, peppers, herbs, spinach, strawberries and other healthy, locally grown goods.  (the picture shows an example of what one might receive during their visit)


During the consult with Doctor Pablo, hygiene and nutrition are spoken of in a one-on-one situation.  Children’s data is reviewed and they get a full examination.  Any signs of neglect or abuse become apparent with this consistent method of care.  Between check- ups the moms are invited to a workshop.  These include cooking demonstrations with new recipes (using the ingredients/products they receive), helpful hints in raising children, a time of prayer and biblical teaching.  We've seen many of the mothers accept Jesus as their Savior.


Some of the children struggle terribly with being healthy while others are monthly improving.  Their smiles and hugs and the joy of watching them grow make it one of our favorite parts of DeepStream Ministries.  We’re very thankful for God sending us Dr. Pablo to partner with us in bringing change to Buena Vista through health, education and biblical teaching.


Thank you for praying for these sweet children and their families.  We so much appreciate your monetary and product donations and your prayers.  Hope you enjoy the pictures below of the nutrition families.  Below are the children currently under sponsorship in the malnourishment program and all are doing great!


This diagram shows the cycle of malnutrition and stunting that we deal with.  Studies show that between 50 and 70% of the kids in Buena Vista would suffer malnutrition to the point of stunting. 


Moving some of our initiatives into a self-sustaining model has been a vision of CEDS since the beginning.  A couple of years ago we began a farming project which is a step in that direction.  We have been able to provide full-time employment to two men and one woman and grown various crops for consumption within our centers snack and lunch programs and we grown all of the vegetables which are given in our nutrition program. 


The pictures below show some of what we are growing and providing to local families and consuming here on site.